Android Dragon Hunter (Review)
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Android Dragon Hunter (Review)

This is a game review of the top, popular and fun adventure game, Dragon Hunter.

The top, popular, adventure Android game Dragon Hunter is a fun and addictive game. It is a game that is in the genre of adventure and is totally FREE on the Android Market! Click here to go to the Android Market Dragon Hunter page.

Dragon hunter is actually a game that allows users to become dragon hunters. Users protect their castle by killing the dragons and to kill the dragons, the user will have to fire arrows. Users fire arrows by moving their fingers on their screen to indicate the direction and power of the arrow(s).

The game consist of many levels, and as the levels get higher, the difficulty gets higher too! Higher difficulty will mean that more cash is earned by killing the dragons.

Other than killing dragons, boss dragons will be encountered and the boss dragons often will not fail to give players a cheap thrill for killing them. Boss dragons has more that 3 types of weapons and skills and often contains a lot of coins and killing them, although is tedious and hard, reaps great rewards.

As the user gets more in game coins, they will be able to spend the cash on upgrades, spells, food and to repair their castle. Once their castle's HP drop to 0 or if their food runs out, it will be game over.

However, the game made it such that the player will still be able to play the game after game over, however, the player has to restart that level that he failed.

Overall, this game has interesting gameplay, good graphics and great sound system. Its interesting gameplay and interesting content makes the game such a fun one. Its great sound is so realistic that it will make its players come back for more! This game also gurantees a hours of fun and excitement!

This game also has interesting gameplay content. A player will be able to use spells and weapons like arrow, poison arrow which slows down the dragon and dizzy arrow which stuns the dragon, making it unable to attack. Users will be able to increase their arrow power so that they will be able to fire arrows at a greater speed, upgrading the arrow numbers so that they will be able to fire more arrows at a single shot.

This game is a must-play game for any adventure game player as this game is really a great game. In conclusion, this game has interesting gameplay, nice graphics and great sound system.

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