Android Easy Installer (Review)
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Android Easy Installer (Review)

A review of Android's top free app, the Easy Installer

Android Easy Installer is a innovative, easy to use, nice and totally FREE app available on the Android Market. It is an app that allows users to quickly install apps via their .apk files located in their SD card. This app helps users to scan for .apk files in their SD card and then displays a list of the files and their names. Users can select the .apk files and they would be able to install them to their phone.

Screenshot of Android Easy Installer in action.

Easy Installer is rated 4.5 stars on the Android Market and it is free, making it available to all Android users.

Overall, it is a great app as it makes life really easier. Users will not longer have to search for the .apk file in their SD card and they will not have to look through those .apk files that have weird file names. This app would display the .apk in the name of the app that will show on your phone when you install it.

This app allows batch install of .apk files so it is quite a great app. Users no longer need to install .apk files one by one, making life tough and hard.

Its delete function is also one of its features that makes it so successful. Users would be able to delete their .apk files from here and they will no longer have to search for the file is their SD card and manually delete. Hence, this app really makes our life easier and saves time and trouble.

There is even the sort function that allows users to sort their .apk files using various categories and criterias.

Its settings allows user to manually change how the app would behave and allows user to configure how the app behaves to suit their preferences and usage.

The app's search function allows user to quickly search the app that they wants to install and allows user to install apps easier.

Its efficient cache mechanism is a background tiny database that allows users to load the app faster, especially when the user has a lot of .apk files on his SD card.

Other than all the features listed above, the app also allows users to send apps to their friends or families or anybody by email. A user just have to select the apps that they want to install and then they will be able to send it.

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