Flipboard Review
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Flipboard Review

A review of the social and rss feed reader app known as Flipboard which is now released to android users as well as iOS users. This review defines the advantages and disadvantages for people who want to use this app and are making a choice when it comes to social apps and the like.

We do read our feeds from our mobile phone through casual internet surfing. Though, sometimes when you don't have much time to read all that news and to browse every page, what can you do if you're the type of person who is often on the go yet needs his fix of news to keep himself or herself informed. Well, there are RSS feed readers which are usually apps that take news from the internet site and provide info for the reader. Sounds good isn't it? But some RSS readers just don't look good on the outside, and at some points, it may not even have all the news that you would read. 

Well, worry no more for there is Flipboard! 

Available on both the Play Market (Android) and the App Store (iOS devices), this RSS feed reader helps people become more informed on the go while using their smartphone. Here are also some of the beneficial features that it has in store for you.

1. Ability to use as many feeds

Whether it's the international news, the news in your local town, your own instagram or tumblr account, Flipboard can sync your accounts and custom news feeds so you don't need to worry about dealing with the pre-loaded feeds. It also does support popular platforms such as facebook and twitter for your social needs. You can adjust and prioritize which notes go first and which ones go at the backburner.

2. It has a magazine-like feel and great aesthetics

The interactivity of the Flipboard comes with the namesake, the ability to flip boards similarly to a magazine page. And it does give you a fixed grid where your feeds can be adjusted. 

3. You can read even if there is no wifi or data connection

So your Everything Data plan isn't usable in an area with little coverage, and no one has wi-fi (which is unlikely in this day and age),  you can always bind your pages to instapaper or even pinterest so you can have those articles prepared to help you pass time with it. 


- Can support any kind of RSS feed and not just the pre-loaded RSS sites.

- Multi-platform.

- Supports social networking accounts.


- Just two pages maximum for the list of feeds, you'd have to click more for the rest.

- Inaccessibility for those without offline-reader accounts.

Overall Remark: Worth downloading and keeping. You can get it at the PLAY Market and have your information on the go.

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