Fruit Ninja Review
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Fruit Ninja Review

Fruit Ninja is fun fun fun, get ready to learn all about the different modes and really the game itself. Get to know more about the game and how outstanding it really is. Find out how the controls are and about the different powerups as well as it's score sharing abilities.

Fruit Ninja is an interesting game where you are made to assume the role of a ninja who is the sworn enemy of fruit. You as a ninja are now dedicated into getting rid of all fruit and you will slash and slice all types of fruits with your deadly blades that you can unlock by doing various challenges. You are even rewarded for slicing more fruits at the same time because you are showing your dedication to getting rid of fruit.

All you have to do in Fruit Ninja is swipe through different types of fruits with your fingers in order to split the fruit in two. In Fruit Ninja there are three different game modes, Classic Mode, Arcade Mode and Zen Mode.

In Classic Mode you are trying to get the highest possible score by slashing different fruits and avoiding bombs. These bombs pop up into the air like normal fruit except you have to avoid slashing them so they don’t explode and end your game. In Classic Mode you must swipe every single fruit single fruit on the screen or else if one gets through you get an X. If you get three X’s then its game over; but fear not because you can get rid of one X every 100 points.

Arcade Mode is quite a bit different then Classic Mode in the sense you can’t play forever and there is a time limit. The main difference in my opinion is that you can let escape you clutches and that bombs don’t end the game but merely make you lose points. The objective of this game mode is to get the highest score possible by swiping through fruits and avoiding bombs. The twist to this game mode is that there are special banana fruits that can either slow the game down so you have more time to swipe fruits, make more fruits appear so you can get a higher score, and lastly they can just double the score you receive. These powerups only last for a limited amount of time so make the best of them.

The final mode is Zen Mode which is completely different than the rest. In Zen mode you are trying to get combos in order to get the highest score. In this mode there are no bombs or powerups and only fruit which make it quite difficult to get a highscore. It tests your patience and skill in order to get the highest possible combos. This game like Arcade Mode end when the timer reaches zero.

In conclusion Fruit Ninja is a really fun game that for 99 cents will provide you with hours of entertainment. Fruit Ninja allows you to post your score on OpenFeint, Gamecenter or Facebook. I highly recommend this game not only because of its simple and addictive nature but because of it’s amazing multitouch controls that have extraordinary precision.   

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Comments (2)

I have been playing Fruit Ninja since last week and this is really a very entertaining game to play. In fact my facebook account reached the highest score in playing fruit ninja frenzy. I appreciate the information you have shared from this well written article, keep it up! (LIKED and SHARED)

Thanks! I enjoy Fruit Ninja quite a bit too! I find it's great to play when i need to kill a few minutes to kill.