How to Breed a Panlong Dragon: Dragonvale Breeding Guide
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How to Breed a Panlong Dragon: Dragonvale Breeding Guide

This is a guide on how to breed the Panlong Dragon in Dragonvale.

The Panlong dragon is a relatively new dragon to dragonvale, and is very useful, due to the fact that it can live in four different habitats. These habitats are air, fire, ground, and water habitats. This allows the Panlong dragon to omptimize it's coin earnings. This dragon also earns 193 gold at level 10, and 375 gold at level 20, which is comparable to the rainbow, sun and moon dragons. Not only that, this dragon can be put in different habitats, and can produce more quickly in these habitats, esppecially if you have more than one of these dragons. This dragon is obviously a very rare dragon. So how do you get it? Read on to find out.

Before you even try to breed the Panlong, there are a couple of requirements that you will need before you can breed it, otherwise it will be impossible to breed this dragon. This part of the guide gets you ready for breeding the Panlong.

Level 14: Yes, believe it or not you need to be level 14 to get this dragon. If you are not, do not worry, the Panlong Dragon is not going away any time soon.

Fire Dragon: The fire dragon is probably one of the first dragons you got, and is available to buy at the egg store for a small 500 coins. It takes 2 hours to incubate in the nursery, and then you will have your fire dragon.

Earth Dragon: This is the cheapest dragon in the game, available for 75 coins. Although this dragon produces very slowly, the earth habitats usually have more capacity then most other habitats, which is good if you are going to leave the game for an extended period.

Water Dragon: This dragon costs a bit more to buy, coming in at 500,000 coins. It only takes 4 hours in the breeding cave, and starts off producing at 8 coins a minute.

Air Dragon: The air dragon can be bred by breeding a fire and water dragon together in the breeding cave. Reasonably Simple.

Epic Breeding Island (Optional): This will make your life a heck of a lot easier when it comes to breeding the Panlong Dragon. Why? It increases the chances of breeding rare dragons, like the Panlong.

These are the requirements to breed a Panlong Dragon. Once you have met these requirements, it is possible for you to start your attempts at breeding the Panlong. How do you do that, you ask? Click Here to see Part 2 of this Guide on the Panlong Dragon.

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