List of Fitness Apps
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List of Fitness Apps

Ever wondered how you can get thin slowly but surely? Ever wondered what you can do to be thin? Do you ever want to wear some skinny jeans? Do you ever want to feel better about yourself? Well, worry no more since we have this article. Just keep in mind that some apps are paid apps. Other than that, just enjoy the article.
Now before anything else, a responder was asking if there were any apps for a certain Riptide Nutrition, to set the record straight I would answer with a frank: NO. Riptide Nutrition has no related apps at all on any of the following stores: Android Play Store, Windows Phone Store, iOS App Store and even the Blackberry App Store. So there, I have set the expectation that there are no apps. However, even though it sounds disappointing for you. There are other ways to get fit with your mobile phone. You just have to look for them. 1. Default Samsung Galaxy S4 Health Suite (aka S Health) - Now, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S4 handset and you want to stay fit even going with the stock app is the best thing that you can have. It can count your jogging and your nutrition. Not to mention that it keeps track of your heart rate. Sometimes stock is always good. 2. Fitocracy (Android, iOS) - For those who are into "encouragement" games or "mingle player" games, then here's one app which helps you be encouraged to team up with other while finishing your quest. It's called Fitocracy. It's available on both Android and Apple iOS app stores, it gives you a set of tasks, in which you are able to complete, not only that but you also have friends to comment on your progress. Tracking your progress and motivation is the important aspects of the game/app. 3. Zombies, Run! (Android 4.0 and up.) - This app is definitely for those who love Zombie movies. This is a game/fitness simulator where you are to well... you guessed it. RUN! Aside from that, they also have interval training and evade zombie mobs. Don't worry. You won't be always on the run though. You can go through any pace. It's just that it simulates a story of human survival and progress. So with these apps, you have the freedom to choose what kind of apps you will use to be slim. You do not need some proprietary app from Riptide to solve this. Always remember too that with using these apps, you also have to have a good diet that falls under the 2000 calorie count. Keep that up and in months you will be able to have a better body, a healthier outlook and an improved sense of confidence. Comments and further inquiries are best appreciated.

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