Using and Updating Wordpress for Android Hero
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Using and Updating Wordpress for Android Hero

As a development tool, I have found Wordpress to be lots of fun to use on my pc. The Android app does allow me to make basic posts from my phone. Hopefully the recent updates have added some robust features to the phone app. The app doesn’t suck, but if it is added to a phone that does, the effect is about the same.

I have noticed that my phone locks up on many different apps, not just Wordpress. It is an HTC Hero. The hero and how it handles the Wordpress is the main subject of this article.

Android Wordpress

The phone is certainly feature packed. my daughter and I both got the Android Hero as part of a local promotion or incentive to add lines. We got it free: compared to the phones I can actually afford, the Hero smartphone is quite good. It does everything I need a phone to do and much more. I do wish I had a bigger keyboard, and it does perform sluggishly at times.

The best solution to a sluggish Android phone is the advanced task killer app. When you blog with this phone, you will not need the memory to be used by the countless apps it will try to run in the background. Your best bet is to use the task killer app to streamline your phone's performance. Just close the apps you are not using, and you will have plenty of memory available for Wordpress.

My phone currently uses version 1.5.1, and it is ok for text posts. The PC application has so many added feature, I believe I might enjoy a formatting toolbar. I’m not sure how it will run on a lower phone like the HTC Hero. I may need to find out soon after writing this. If you invested in a good phone, I must suggest hetting the up to date software for it, including the most recent Wordpress app. Developers are always adding newer, bigger, and better widgets.

I like widgets. When the personal computer first came out in the 1980’s I was a boy just starting High School. By the time I was able to buy my own pc, the internet was reaching hysterical levels already. If you are like me, and have always thought development tools were cool, you will find the Wordpress platform easy and fun to use.

Drop down menus do not work for Android phones. I use the Wordpress website on my pc, not the app, and I am not usind drop down menus at all on that. My Android app doesn’t use dropdowns at all. The downside of the phone app, for me, is that I have to go to the computer to make a post with formatting, images and more than a few words.

Wordpress has a forum for Android users here:

While writing this article, I decided to take a minute to download the newer version of Wordpress to my phone. It seems to have a lot more functions available to me. I now have version 2.1 on an Android Hero. It runs as well, if not better, since reinstalling a program can fix any issues it may have had before. I had to uninstall the old version first.

Android Wordpress

The new Wordpress app allows me to view other posts, and see and edit pictures in my blog. Those are two things I never did before. I did not see the theme for my blog. However, there is an app for themes, and an app for stats. I did not install any add- ins to my Wordpress app, and I probably won’t. Any more advanced editing can be done with a pc keyboard, not the tiny thing that passes for a keyboard on the Hero.

After you log in to the app on your phone, you see a new menu screen with ten different selections related to different functions of the app. This new update has a few more functions than my previous app, and the menu is way more convenient. I can’t imagine why the dropdown menu is an issue, I just put it out there for reference in case anyone does a google search.

Two of the top four selections are for new features. There is a quick photo and quick video function. These two buttons take me to my phone’s photo or video apps. There I can take a snapshot or video and post it to my Wordpress blog.


Cairns based web design agency, NicheDesigns.

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